Emergent Mind

U-shaped Vision Mamba for Single Image Dehazing

Published Feb 6, 2024 in cs.CV


Currently, Transformer is the most popular architecture for image dehazing, but due to its large computational complexity, its ability to handle long-range dependency is limited on resource-constrained devices. To tackle this challenge, we introduce the U-shaped Vision Mamba (UVM-Net), an efficient single-image dehazing network. Inspired by the State Space Sequence Models (SSMs), a new deep sequence model known for its power to handle long sequences, we design a Bi-SSM block that integrates the local feature extraction ability of the convolutional layer with the ability of the SSM to capture long-range dependencies. Extensive experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness of our method. Our method provides a more highly efficient idea of long-range dependency modeling for image dehazing as well as other image restoration tasks. The URL of the code is \url{https://github.com/zzr-idam/UVM-Net}. Our method takes only \textbf{0.009} seconds to infer a $325 \times 325$ resolution image (100FPS) without I/O handling time.

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