Hey there,

I'm Matt Mazur, the creator of Emergent Mind, and I want to welcome you to the site.

I originally created this site in 2014 to explore the concept of emergence, a topic that I was and am very much still interested in. I wound up building 10 interactive visualizations related to boids, game of life, cellular automata, biomorphs, and more, all of which you can still find on Archive.org.

With the recent advances in AI and the release of ChatGPT specifically, I decided to resume working on Emergent Mind and turn it into a site to help people follow the latest advances in AI.

In addition to Emergent Mind, I also run Preceden, a SaaS timeline maker tool, where I've recently been focused on integrating various AI capabilities.

If you ever have any feedback on the site or just want to say hey to a fellow AI enthisiast, don't hesitate to reach out.

Matt Mazur
@mhmazur / [email protected]