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Most existing chain-of-thought (CoT) prompting methods suffer from the issues of generalizability and consistency, as they often rely on instance-specific solutions that may not be applicable to other cases and lack task-level consistency in their reasoning steps. To address these limitations, we propose a comprehensive framework, StrategyLLM, harnessing the capabilities of LLMs to tackle various tasks. The framework improves generalizability by formulating general problem-solving strategies and enhances consistency by producing consistent solutions using these strategies. StrategyLLM employs four LLM-based agents: strategy generator, executor, optimizer, and evaluator, working together to generate, evaluate, and select promising strategies for a given task automatically. The experimental results demonstrate that StrategyLLM outperforms the competitive baseline CoT-SC that requires human-annotated solutions on 13 datasets across 4 challenging tasks without human involvement, including math reasoning (39.2% $\rightarrow$ 43.3%), commonsense reasoning (70.3% $\rightarrow$ 72.5%), algorithmic reasoning (51.7% $\rightarrow$ 62.0%), and symbolic reasoning (30.0% $\rightarrow$ 79.2%).

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