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The exponential growth of digital content has generated massive textual datasets, necessitating advanced analytical approaches. Large Language Models (LLMs) have emerged as tools capable of processing and extracting insights from massive unstructured textual datasets. However, how to leverage LLMs for text-based Information Systems (IS) research is currently unclear. To assist IS research in understanding how to operationalize LLMs, we propose a Text Analytics for Information Systems Research (TAISR) framework. Our proposed framework provides detailed recommendations grounded in IS and LLM literature on how to conduct meaningful text-based IS research. We conducted three case studies in business intelligence using our TAISR framework to demonstrate its application across several IS research contexts. We also outline potential challenges and limitations in adopting LLMs for IS. By offering a systematic approach and evidence of its utility, our TAISR framework contributes to future IS research streams looking to incorporate powerful LLMs for text analytics.

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