Hey there!

I'm Matt Mazur, the founder of Emergent Mind, I want to welcome you to the site.

With the help of Omar and WebPraktikos, we're builing this site to make it easier to discover and learn about the latest computer science research.

Emergent Mind works by monitoring social media for discussions about trending arXiv papers and then surfacing trending papers on our homepage, email digest, and X account. It also uses GPT-4 to generate detailed non-expert explanations to help you learn about those papers.

This site is a continuation of a 2014 version of the site when I experimented with various interactive visualizations to teach about the concept of emergence. Instead of emergence though, it's now focused on leveraging generative AI to teach you about cutting-edge computer science research.

If you ever run into any issues or have any suggestions on how to improve Emergent Mind, don't hesitate to reach out.

Matt Mazur
@mhmazur / [email protected]