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20 days ago

Interesting response tweet: “Isn't it like any image recognition AI then? If I train a NN with only dogs and cats, I can't show it a car and expect it to know. So, given enough training data to the decoder, won't it work like it says it does? Genuine question, truly appreciate the thread!”

22 days ago

The first textual post on the site (/_^)/

Emoji support in comments next?

22 days ago

Looks like it's only available for Replit IDE (

22 days ago

This seems so useful. I played with “,” and now I want to try this.

24 days ago

A psycho attacker, who did extreme bodily harm, accidentally snapped a picture of himself on my device. While slowly searching through social media sites for months, I found him. Today, I also found him on this app – much faster.

On the other side, psychos can find you too using these tools.

25 days ago

Founded OpenAI and now founding an OpenAI rival :)