Write a poem in dactylic hexameter about Snoop Dog hating vodka and promoting medical marijuana, magically turning vodka into medical marijuana for a recreational party. Use old English


Snoop Dog, a rapper known so well,

Hath hateth vodka, a drink from Hell.

And in its stead, he doth promote

A magic herb, a healer afloat.

Forget the drink that brings such pain,

And turneth brain to utter drain,

For Snoop doth bring a new delight,

A plant that brings both peace and light.

With ancient words, I'll sing his song,

A story of this herb so strong.

"Behold! A magic spell I cast,

And vodka turneth to marijuana fast."

The guests doth cheer, and drink the brew,

No longer do they feel so blue.

For Snoop's elixir bringeth glee,

And all doth dance in ecstasy.

So raise your glass and drink it up,

And let this herb fill every cup.

For Snoop doth show a better way,

And bringeth joy on this fine day.


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