Write a poem in dactylic hexameter about Snoop Dog hating vodka and promoting medical marijuana, magically turning vodka into medical marijuana for a recreational party.


In a land where Snoop Dog reigns supreme,

And where the music beats a steady stream,

There's a party goin' down tonight, you see,

With plenty of medical marijuana, happy and free.

But when the guests arrived, they brought some vodka too,

And Snoop was like, "Yo, what's up with you?

I hate that stuff, it's just not right,

Gimme that medical marijuana all night."

So with a wave of his hand and a magic spell,

He turned that vodka into medical as well,

And the guests they cheered and they raised their glass,

And the party was lit, oh what a blast!

So let us drink to Snoop's great wit,

And his love for medical marijuana's hit,

And let us smoke to the beat of the night,

And dance till the sun shines bright.


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