• AI has made incredible progress with foundation models like ChatGPT, which can generate powerful conversation and high-level solution outlines.
  • However, these models still face difficulties with specialized tasks, so there is a need for a mechanism that can connect them with off-the-shelf models and systems for completing these tasks.

Key terms:

  • Foundation models: Advanced AI models like ChatGPT that can perform a broad range of open-domain tasks and generate high-level solution outlines.
  • Domain-specific tasks: Specialized tasks that require in-depth knowledge or specific data, which foundation models may struggle with.
  • Neural network computations: The calculations and processes within a neural network, which can sometimes lead to errors in specialized tasks.
  • Off-the-shelf models and systems: Existing models and systems that can perform domain-specific tasks well but may not be easily accessible or compatible with foundation models.
  • AI ecosystem: A new system that connects foundation models with millions of APIs, enabling them to work together to complete diverse tasks in both digital and physical domains.


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