• Apply for a generative AI project challenge by telling about your project and how you'll develop it responsibly.
  • 10 teams will become finalists, attend an in-person event in San Francisco, and get a chance to win a cash prize.

Key terms:

  • Generative AI: A form of artificial intelligence that creates new data from existing data sets.
  • Project Challenge: A competition where participants submit their project ideas and compete to win prizes.
  • Responsibly Develop: To create a project with ethical considerations and proper guidelines in mind.
  • Finalists: The top 10 teams selected from the applications to compete in the final event.
  • In-person event: An event in San Francisco where finalists will attend workshops, talks, and refine their pitches.


Competition Innovation Transparency Algorithmic Bias Finalists Technologists Ethicists Business Leaders AI challenge Cash Prize