• ChatGPT experienced an outage due to a bug in an open-source library, exposing some users' chat titles and potentially payment-related information.
  • The bug has been patched, and the ChatGPT service and chat history feature have been restored, with affected users being notified.

Key terms:

  • ChatGPT outage: A temporary disruption of the ChatGPT service due to a bug in an open-source library
  • Bug: An error in the Redis client open-source library, redis-py, which caused some users' information to be unintentionally visible
  • Patched: The bug has been fixed, and the ChatGPT service has been restored
  • Affected users: ChatGPT Plus subscribers whose payment-related information may have been exposed during a specific nine-hour window
  • Technical details: A detailed explanation of how the bug worked and the steps taken to identify and fix the issue


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