• Microsoft unveils Security Copilot, a tool that combines advanced AI with Microsoft's security technologies to help defenders respond to cyber threats.
  • The AI-driven system empowers security professionals to detect and respond to attacks with speed and efficiency, while addressing the global talent gap in cybersecurity.

Key terms:

  • Microsoft Security Copilot: An AI-driven security tool that combines Microsoft's security technologies with advanced AI, enabling defenders to respond to threats quickly and efficiently.
  • Closed-loop learning system: Security Copilot's ability to continually learn from user interactions and adjust its responses to provide more coherent, relevant, and useful answers.
  • Microsoft Security products integration: Security Copilot's seamless integration with Microsoft's end-to-end security portfolio, allowing for a highly efficient experience.
  • Privacy and data protection: Security Copilot ensures user data remains private and protected, with enterprise compliance and security controls in place.


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