• Haystack 1.15 introduces the Agent, enabling large language models (LLMs) to resolve complex queries and tasks by breaking them down into steps.
  • Agents can utilize various Tools, such as ready-made Haystack pipelines and Nodes, to perform specific actions needed to resolve a query.

Key terms:

  • Agent: An LLM that has been given a clever initial prompt to break down the process of answering a complex query into a sequence of steps that are resolved one at a time.
  • Prompt: An instruction given to LLMs, often in the context of natural language processing, to perform tasks such as answering queries or summarizing text.
  • Tool: An expert that an Agent can query at any time to perform specific actions needed to resolve a query.
  • PromptNode: A Haystack node that works alongside an LLM to consume instructions, either from a predefined PromptTemplate or a user-defined prompt.
  • ExtractiveQAPipeline: A Haystack pipeline that has access to a DocumentStore containing user data and uses an extractive question-answering model to find an answer to a query.


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