• HuggingGPT is a system that pairs an LLM with multiple expert models to solve AI tasks.
  • The workflow includes task planning, model selection, task execution, and response generation.

Key terms:

  • HuggingGPT: A collaborative system that includes a language model as the controller and multiple expert models as executors.
  • Task Planning: The first stage in HuggingGPT's workflow, which uses ChatGPT to analyze user requests and break them down into sub-tasks.
  • Model Selection: The second stage, where ChatGPT selects the appropriate models from HuggingFace Hub based on the identified sub-tasks.
  • Task Execution: The third stage, where the selected models are executed and their results are returned to ChatGPT.
  • Response Generation: The final stage, where ChatGPT integrates the predictions from all models to generate a response.


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