• Large language models (LLMs) are transforming the way developers build applications by allowing them to combine LLMs with other sources of computation or knowledge.
  • LangChain is a library designed to assist in the development of such applications, providing support for prompt management, chains, data augmented generation, agents, memory, and evaluation.

Key terms:

  • LangChain: A library designed to assist in the development of applications using LLMs, providing support for various development aspects.
  • Chains: Sequences of calls that go beyond just a single LLM call, including integrations with other tools and end-to-end chains for common applications.
  • Data Augmented Generation: Specific types of chains that interact with external data sources to fetch data to use in the generation step, such as summarization or question/answering.
  • Agents: LLMs making decisions about actions, taking actions, and observing, with a standard interface and examples of end-to-end agents provided by LangChain.
  • Memory: The concept of persisting state between calls of a chain or agent, with a standard interface, memory implementations, and examples provided by LangChain.


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