Generate 10 headlines about Buffalo in the style of The Onion


  1. “Buffalo Resigns to Fact That It Will Forever Be Known as Home of Buffalo Wings”

  2. “Buffalo Snowstorm: 5 Inches of Disappointment”

  3. “Local Man Shocked to Discover Buffalo Actually Has Culture Outside of Chicken Wings”

  4. “Buffalo Braces for Winter with Purchase of Entire Amazon Stock of Hand Warmers”

  5. “City Council Passes Bill Making Buffalo Winter Coat a Mandatory Uniform”

  6. “Buffalo Bills Fans Find New Excuse for Playoff Loss: Blame it on the Weather”

  7. “Buffalo’s Famous Snow Pile Finally Melts, Revealing Lost Cars and Abandoned Dreams”

  8. “New Study Finds Majority of Buffalo Residents Have Inevitable Winter-related PTSD”

  9. “Buffalo Experiences Shortage of Rock Salt, Offers Free Wings for Snow Shoveling Assistance”

  10. “Buffalo Residents Embrace Winter with Unbreakable Spirit, Several Layers of Clothing”.



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