Emergent Mind Updates: Emma, launch prep, and more

Hey all!

We rolled out a lot of improvements this week in preparation for Emergent Mind's official launch next week:

  • We introduced a bot named Emma that finds breaking AI news and automatically posts it to the site.
  • It (she?) also automatically summarizes all links shared on the site, giving you a quick overview of the link's content.
  • Lots of UI improvements and making the site work well on all screen sizes.
  • Better scoring that now factors in the number of tweets about a news story, among other things.
  • Link posts now also display the top tweets about that link, giving you a feel for what people in the AI world are saying about it.
  • We added a newsletter sign up page that you can use to sign up for our upcoming newsletter.

Big thanks to you all for being here despite the site still being a bit rough around the edges. It's coming along well though and we have a lot more planned for the weeks and months ahead.