Emergent Mind Updates: Better post organization & a focus on AI news

Hey everyone!

A few big updates this week:

  • The homepage is now grouped by date so you can easily browse today's AI developments without having news from prior days mixed in with it.
  • Each day's posts are ordered by how popular that news item is, which factors in votes, views, and Twitter shares.
  • We've decided to focus 100% on AI news so have removed the ability to share ChatGPT examples. Emergent Mind began as LearnGPT, a site for sharing ChatGPT examples, so removing the ability to share examples is a big change, but I think the right one. It helps us focus on surfacing and helping you learn about the latest AI news without mixing ChatGPT/GPT-4/Bing examples in with it.
  • We added two new topics: Bard (for news about Google's Bard) and Open Source (for GitHub and other open source content).

As always, we have a lot more planned for the site in the coming weeks.

Thanks for being here and if you ever have any feedback don't hesitate to drop me a note: [email protected].