Do a flash fiction piece based on the film Titanic


She stood at the railing of the Titanic, staring out into the dark and stormy night. The wind whipped through her hair as she thought of her life and all that had led her to this moment. She was a simple woman, with simple dreams, but tonight, she felt anything but simple.

She was on her way to start a new life in America, to leave behind the memories of a love lost and a past she wished to forget. But as she stood there, watching the waves crash against the ship, she couldn't help but feel a sense of foreboding.

And then it happened. The iceberg loomed in front of them, and she heard the panicked cries of those around her. She didn't know how to swim, but she couldn't stay still, not when the water was rising and the ship was sinking.

She pushed her way through the crowds, searching for a way out. But as she climbed up the staircase, she felt the ship give way beneath her. She fell, hitting her head and everything went black.

She awoke to find herself in a lifeboat, surrounded by strangers. They rowed away from the sinking ship, watching as it disappeared beneath the waves, taking with it all of their hopes, dreams, and fears.

She was one of the lucky ones, one of the few who survived the tragedy of the Titanic. But as she looked out at the endless sea, she realized that she would never truly escape the memories of that fateful night. They would haunt her forever.


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