continue narrate the epic novel in the style of George Gammon and Stephen King, where the Riverside bank observes a serious decrease of static electricity at summer, because clothing becomes more sparse. Provide painstaking details about the board at the bank and the dwindling profits from the static electricity loans.


As the summer months approached, the bankers at Riverside Bank began to notice something troubling. The static electricity companies they had loaned so much money to were seeing a serious decrease in their profits. It was a trend that had been building for several years, but it was only now that they were starting to take notice.

It wasn't hard to figure out what was going on. With the warmer weather, people were shedding their heavy clothing and wearing lighter, more breathable fabrics. There was simply less material for the static electricity to cling to, and as a result, the companies that relied on it were suffering.

The bankers at Riverside Bank watched with growing concern as their investments began to dwindle. They had been so sure that static electricity was the next big thing, but now it seemed like their gamble had backfired. They were losing money hand over fist, and there didn't seem to be anything they could do to stop it.

The board at the bank held emergency meetings to discuss what to do next. They had to find a way to stem the bleeding, but they weren't sure where to turn. They had already sunk so much money into the static electricity companies, and there didn't seem to be any other viable options.

As the losses piled up, tensions began to run high among the bankers. They had staked their reputations and their careers on this gamble, and now it seemed like they were going to lose everything. They started to turn on each other, blaming one another for the situation they found themselves in.

It wasn't long before the news got out. Rumors began to spread about the failing investments at Riverside Bank, and people started to pull their money out. The once-steady flow of deposits began to slow to a trickle, and the bank found itself in a precarious position.

The bankers tried everything they could think of to reverse their fortunes. They poured more money into the static electricity companies, hoping that they could weather the summer slump and rebound in the fall. They even considered taking out more loans themselves, in an attempt to recoup some of their losses.

But it was all for naught. The summer came and went, and the static electricity companies never recovered. The bankers at Riverside Bank were left holding the bag, their once-profitable investments reduced to nothing.



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