• This study delves into the art practices, artwork, and motivations of users utilizing the latest text-to-image models.
  • It highlights the developed community of practice around generative AI, the importance of unique outputs, and the use of glitches as artistic styles.

Key terms:

  • Text-to-image models: The latest generation of AI models that generate images based on text prompts.
  • Generative AI: Artificial intelligence that can create new content or art by learning from existing data.
  • Prompts as art: Considering both the text prompt and the resulting image together as an art piece.
  • Prompt templates: Prompts with 'slots' for others to fill in with their own words, to create generative art styles.
  • Glitches as artistic styles: Using the model's glitches or imperfections as unique art styles.


Research Prompts AI-generated art Artwork Motivations Art Styles Prompt Templates Glitches Design Implications Generative Art