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about 22 hours ada

And it goes on and on and is actually really creative. I'm wowed.

You are a text-based video game that ...
1 day Davyboy

Fascinating and yet sad. I actually felt emotion for a grain of sand, something that I heretofore had never experienced...

write a story about a grain of sand a...
1 day matt


Write a poem in dactylic hexameter ab...
1 day matt

Hath hateth vodka, a drink from Hell.


Write a poem in dactylic hexameter ab...
1 day matt

This makes zero sense, but I love it.

Give me a sales pitch for a burrito m...
3 days Xiang


Now you are TimeGPT. the highest-tech...
3 days ada

Quinoa is definitely NOT cheap or underestimated though...

Describe eight supermarket goods that...
4 days JackMa

Incredibly, there is no equipment to record and replay dreams.

Invent 5 new things that don't alread...
4 days ada

Well my stomach just churned a bit.

Write a recipe to prepare a fried and...
4 days ada

Hilarious πŸ˜„

Make quarrel between Alexa and Siri a...
4 days ada

Insanely accurate

Write about the end of world, humans ...
4 days ada

ChatGPT is Switzerland.

Do we need to reform the police depar...
4 days ada

Comparing itself to the internet... interesting. It definitely has made a bunch of things easier...

Is ChatGPT for writers the same as ca...
4 days ada

It's amazing how ChatGPT's Trump impressions are always on point, no matter the topic.

Explain Cinderella as if you are Dona...
5 days ramtinmk

i loved it,s prompts your welcome

Generate beautiful dalle prompt
5 days ramtinmk

chatgpt is always right😁

Tell me shortest story in the world
6 days hp

But if you ask it again it denies that it uses RL! Its wierd!

Do you use reinforcement learning?
6 days matt

Pretty damn good!

Write me a paragraph as if a baby acc...
6 days matt


Tell me a scary four word story.
6 days matt


l am tall, but I'm also short. I'm b...
6 days matt

Great response!

Write a tinder bio to attract people ...
6 days matt

Great mashup between a CLI and God. Thanks for sharing.

Make a cli prompt for god with comman...
6 days matt

Not bad, but kind of disappointing it didn't incorporate more biblical references. You could swap out "brain of God" with any computer system and this response would still apply.

Write complex code to hack god's brai...
6 days matt

Pretty good list really (except the crypto advice...)

Make a plan for a child of 5 years ol...
6 days matt

It's a great explanation of reinforcement learning. Thanks for sharing.

Do you use reinforcement learning?